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The Shifting Landscape of Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware has been a growing menace for years, but there has been a marked increase, during the recent months, in sophistication and level of innovation in this portion of the cybercrime underbelly. If you didn’t know, cybercrime comes in many different types, such as email and internet fraud, identity theft, financial theft like someone stealing […]

Pulse Secure Connect PCS VPN Hack Explained

It’s time to check your Pulse. I mean your Pulse Connect Secure VPN appliance. Hackers have been exploiting several previously known and one zero-day vulnerabilities affecting Pulse Connect Secure aka PCS VPN appliances. They are targeting defense, government, and financial organizations around the world. According to FireEye, several threat actors have been exploiting the four […]

Codecov Supply Chain Attack Explained

OK, we now have another supply chain attack that could become the next big hack. When April fools’ jokes were being published online, one company known as Codecov discovered something that was far from a joke. So, who is Codecov? Codecov is one of the many DevOps tools out there. It provides hosted testing reports […]