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Everything you ever wanted to know about Cisco CCIE Written and Lab Exams

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About CCIE Written and Lab Exams

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About
CCIE Written and Lab Exams (FAQs)
Part One
You can think of CCIE written as the equivalent of taking your driving test theory part before you’re allowed to get behind the wheel with a DMV employee. Likewise, CCIE Written is a qualification exam and a prerequisite to CCIE Lab. However, there are a few questions about the CCIE Written and Lab exams that just won’t go away, so here I decided to put them […]


CCIE Security 400-251 V5.0 Written and Lab Exam – All you need to know!

Cisco published yet another update to CCIE Security Written and lab exams dubbed as Exam 400-251 (v5.0) which took effect starting Jan 31, 2017. It is quiet interesting to see another update rolling out on the back of an older one (350-018 V4.1) which took effect from July 25th 2016! Yet another interesting thing to see is v5.0 also implies changes to Cisco Security Lab exam as well.


Buying Outside the Box: What will SDN and NFV mainstreaming mean for Your Networking Career?

First off, it will take some time for it to happen. How do we know, is there a precedent? Yes, it took over a decade for server virtualization to go mainstream despite all the obvious benefits and TCO savings. You may still ask, but why? I mean SDN has obvious value propositions (reduced complexity etc.) and business benefits (faster TTM etc.) and OpenFlow has been around since 2006, that’s over a decade already (if you consider Ethane to be […]


CCIE Exams Undergoing Major Changes: Are you Ready?

There is a major announcement from Cisco CCIE program team on upcoming sweeping changes to Cisco CCIE Certification program as a whole (the content, update cadence, alignment with mega technology shifts etc). Core reason for change for which I am totally excited about, as Cisco put it, is “to build a workforce capable of moving rapidly and flexibly with the transformation of IT in our digital era”!


Future of Telcos and Operators: Transform or Bust!

There are about a thousand (if you count by PMLN IDs than number could be much higher) telcos worldwide and they spend about $1.3T USD annually on infrastructure, software, spectrum etc. Mobile telcos (or carriers) account for about 63% of above spending whereas fixed-network providers spend about 36%. Worldwide telco spending is on the upswing and is forecast to reach about $1.6T USD by 2019. In terms of revenues, mobile operators generate about $1T USD. Top 50 telcos are […]


Is OpenStack dead?

There is plenty of news around on OpenStack than about anything else put together in the world of IT over the last few months. Latest news was PLUMgrid, a local bay area startup, which went under resulting in IPR fire sale to VMware.
Let me summarize my understanding and what is happening as a whole here in a few threads:
1. Legacy ICT vendors and Public Cloud: AWS continues to claim victims, the most recent ones were VMware, HPE and Cisco […]



Cisco put every CCIE written exam taker on notice in July 2016 by introducing “Evolving Technologies” section across all CCIE written exam tracks which contains, among other cutting-edge technologies, OpenStack. All of our study guides and practice quizzes include OpenStack related topics to ensure your learning and exam success.
I personally believe that when all will be said and done, OpenStack may perhaps go down as the most successful project in the open source history. OpenStack was started by NASA and […]


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and CCIE Exams: Everything You Need to Know!

In late 2012 seven of the world’s leading telecoms network operators (including AT&T) selected ETSI (pronounced as “at-see”) to be the home of the Industry Specification Group for NFV. Now, nearly four years and 40 published documents later, we see a large community working intensely to continue developing the required standards for NFV as well as sharing their experiences of NFV implementation and testing. The membership of ISG NFV has grown to over 290 individual companies including 38 of the world’s major service […]


CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 Written Exam Topics Breakdown

CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 went live about two months ago. There are no major changes from v1.0 except that Evolving Technologies have become part of CCIE Collaboration written exam. We have finally launched our brand new CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 Exam Cert Guide and Practice Quizzes. It is available within the products.
Please refer to the table below for complete exam topics breakdown.

CCIE 400-051 V1.1 Exam Topics Written Exam Weight (%)
Written Exam Questions CountRemarks

1.0 Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure
10%9 to 11

2.0 Telephony Standards and Protocols
12%11 […]

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