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CCIE Certification in a Software-Defined and Vendor-agnostic World

You must be thinking, Ok here we go again! Seriously, when I look at the cumulative time and $ investment that we have all made into CCIE certification, I think that is a fair question to ask. There is hardly any doubt that anyone (including Cisco) can turn clock back on SDN, infrastructure disaggregation and the commoditization of networking hardware that is well underway at this point in time. In fact, Cisco is getting ready to jump with both […]


CCIE Security 400-251 V5.0 Written and Lab Exam – All you need to know!

Cisco published yet another update to CCIE Security Written and lab exams dubbed as Exam 400-251 (v5.0) which took effect starting Jan 31, 2017. It is quiet interesting to see another update rolling out on the back of an older one (350-018 V4.1) which took effect from July 25th 2016! Yet another interesting thing to see is v5.0 also implies changes to Cisco Security Lab exam as well.


CCIE Exams Undergoing Major Changes: Are you Ready?

There is a major announcement from Cisco CCIE program team on upcoming sweeping changes to Cisco CCIE Certification program as a whole (the content, update cadence, alignment with mega technology shifts etc). Core reason for change for which I am totally excited about, as Cisco put it, is “to build a workforce capable of moving rapidly and flexibly with the transformation of IT in our digital era”!



Cisco put every CCIE written exam taker on notice in July 2016 by introducing “Evolving Technologies” section across all CCIE written exam tracks which contains, among other cutting-edge technologies, OpenStack. All of our study guides and practice quizzes include OpenStack related topics to ensure your learning and exam success.
I personally believe that when all will be said and done, OpenStack may perhaps go down as the most successful project in the open source history. OpenStack was started by NASA and […]


CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 Written Exam Topics Breakdown

CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 went live about two months ago. There are no major changes from v1.0 except that Evolving Technologies have become part of CCIE Collaboration written exam. We have finally launched our brand new CCIE Collaboration 400-051 V1.1 Exam Cert Guide and Practice Quizzes. It is available within the products.
Please refer to the table below for complete exam topics breakdown.

CCIE 400-051 V1.1 Exam Topics Written Exam Weight (%)
Written Exam Questions CountRemarks

1.0 Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure
10%9 to 11

2.0 Telephony Standards and Protocols
12%11 […]


How to Prepare for Your CCIE Written Exam

“How do I use CCIEin8Weeks study material to prepare for the written exam?”
I have received this question over email, blog comments, and as direct twitter message. Let me take this opportunity to explain my take on it.
First, let’s put down why we’re preparing for the exam!

In order to get qualified for CCIE Lab (I wish Cisco would have just named it “CCIE Qualification Exam”!)
In order to stay ahead of the curve and get ahead in our networking/IT/Cloud career, we […]


CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 Written Exam Topics Breakdown

CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 went live about a month ago. There are a lot of exciting new topics that have become part of CCIE DC written exam as a result of this change. We have finally launched our brand new CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 Exam Cert Guide. It is available within the products.
Let me call out a few specifics.

Cisco ACI, APIC Cluster and Nexus 9K (i.e. goodies from Insieme acquisition) have officially become front and center of Cisco’s strategic […]


Evolving Technologies: From Still-Dont-KNow to Software-Defined Networking and CCIE Exams

I recall in the early days of SDN dating back to 2009, within the “boxed” networking circles (if you know what I mean..), SDN used to be jokingly termed as “Still-Don’t-KNow”! However, a few years later, SDN (much like OpenStack) passed the threshold and the point of no return. It perhaps represents the fact that networking didn’t catch up to compute (i.e. hypervisors) and storage (i.e. vSANs, Ceph etc.) over the decades and eventually was waiting to be disrupted […]



Just like everything in life and business (and even relationships!), if its not growing it’s dying! Cisco CCIE has not lost the luster over the decades primarily because Cisco has evolved the program with times, believe it or not earlier versions of CCIE Lab included ATM, Frame Relay and plethora of technologies and protocols that are in the proverbial computer history museum now!
A few months ago, Cisco announced changes to all major CCIE tracks adding and removing some of the topics to […]



While I have been taking computer based exams for over 16 years, but the topic of ‘how-to best prepare for a CCXX exam’ still intrigues me to this day. In my opinion, we can break the question of “how-to best prepare for CCIE Written exam” into two sub-questions:
1. How-to best prepare for a computer based exam (generally)
2. How-to best prepare for CCIE Written exam
Let’s start with the “what” and “how” of preparing for an exam.

“What” portion is quiet comprehensively […]

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