CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 Written Exam Topics Breakdown

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CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 Written Exam Topics Breakdown

ccie dc 400-151 exam changes


CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 went live about a month ago. There are a lot of exciting new topics that have become part of CCIE DC written exam as a result of this change. We have finally launched our brand new CCIE DC 400-151 V2.0 Exam Cert Guide. It is available within the products.

Let me call out a few specifics.

  • Cisco ACI, APIC Cluster and Nexus 9K (i.e. goodies from Insieme acquisition) have officially become front and center of Cisco’s strategic weapons for DC fabric wars and compete head to head with VMware NSX (I won’t hold my breath as to who’s going to win this contest!)
  • Cisco InterCloud Fabric, SDN and IoT (within Evolving Technologies) are added and you can expect about 10 questions on your next try!
  • Bunch of new hardware (UCS chassis, FIs, blades etc.) and Nexus 7004 and a Nexus 5K are added.
  • Cisco ACE, FCIP storage protocol, GSLB are among the drop outs.

Please refer to the table below for complete exam topics breakdown.

CCIE 400-151 V2.0 Exam Topics
Written Exam Weight (%)

Written Exam Question Count

1.0 Cisco Data Center L2/L3 Technologies
24%22 to 26-Nexus 9K, 7004, 5672, 2348 are added
2.0 Cisco Data Center Network Services
12%11 to 13-New addition
-DC HA and LB (entire ACE and GSLB) have been removed.
-ACI ITD and RISE have been added
-ACI Policy-based L4-L7 services has been added
3.0 Data Center Storage Networking and Compute
23%21 to 25-FCIP features have been removed
-UCS C220, UCS 6248 FI, UCS 4308 M, UCS 5108 B are added.
4.0 Data Center Automation and Orchestration
13%12 to 14New addition
-CPO and Cisco ONE have been added.
5.0 Data Center Fabric Infrastructure18%16 to 20New addition
-Cisco ACI Fabric has been added.
6.0 Evolving Technologies

10%9 to 11New addition, "ET" is now part of every CCIE written exam.
-InterCloud Fabric, SDN and IoT are added.



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