We provide¬†practice quizzes for all major CCNP and CCIE Exam tracks and update them about every two weeks to help you prepare for the exam. All of our quizzes, study guides and video training library are structured around Cisco’s official blueprints.

CCIE and CCNP Practice Exams Update Calendar (Cisco Next-Level Certification Exams)

Exam NameExam Number (Version)Total QuestionsLast Updated
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)200-301 (v1.0)86March 28, 2020
CCNP and CCIE ENCOR350-401 (v1.0)89March 18, 2020
Cisco DevNet Associate (CCDevA)200-901 (v1.0)231March 18, 2020
CCNP and CCIE SCOR350-701 (v1.0)80April 25, 2020
CCNP and CCIE DCCOR350-601(v1.0)65June 26, 2020
CCNP and CCIE ENARSI300-410 (v1.0)39July 1, 2020

CCIE and CCNP Courses Rollout Calendar (Cisco Next-Level Certification Exams)

Track NameExam Number (Version)Course TitleCourse Rollout DateLast Updated
CCIE and CCNP Enterprise Core (ENCOR Core Exam)350-401 (v1.0)All-in-One Enterprise Infrastructure Core (ENCOR)August 2019November 10, 2019
CCIE and CCNP Professional Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI Concentration Exam)300-410 (v1.0)All-in-One Advanced Enterprise Routing and Services (ENARSI)December 2019December 18, 2019
CCIE and CCNP Professional Security (SCOR Core Exam)350-701 (v1.0)All-in-One Security Core (SCOR)February 2020February 15, 2020
CCIE and CCNP Professional Data Center (DCCOR Core Exam)350-601 (v1.0)All-in-One Data Center Core (DCCOR)April 2020
Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (CCDevA)200-901 (v1.0)All-in-One DevNet Associate (DEVASC)November 2019March 20, 2020