CCIE & CCDE Evolving Technologies (V1.1) Exam Prep Bundle

CCIE and ccde evolving technologies v1.1

CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1 Written Exam Prep Bundle includes access to study guide (120 pages), and practice exams with free bi-weekly updates that include newer questions.

All of our practice exams are structured around Cisco official blueprint sections for CCIE and CCDE Evolving Technologies V1.1. Practice exams include quizzes based on Cloud, Network Programmability and IoT blueprint sections.

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Lesson 1: Cloud

1.0 Cloud

1.a Compare and contrast public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud design considerations

1.a (i) Infrastructure, platform, and software as a service (XaaS)

1.a (ii) Performance, scalability, and high availability

1.a (iii) Security implications, compliance, and policy

1.a (iv) Workload migration

1.b Describe cloud infrastructure and operations

1.b (i) Compute virtualization (containers and virtual machines)

1.b (ii) Connectivity (virtual switches, SD-WAN and SD-Access)

1.b (iii) Virtualization functions (NFVi, VNF, and L4/L1)

1.b (iv) Automation and orchestration tools (cloud center, DNA-center, and Kubernetes)

Key takeaways: Cloud



High Availability


Compute Virtualization (Containers)

Connectivity (virtual switches, SD-WAN and SD-Access)

NFVI, VNF and L4-L7

Orchestration Tools (CloudCenter, DNA Center, and Kubernetes)

Network Programmability (SDN)

Lesson 2: Network Programmability (SDN)

2.0 Network programmability (SDN)

2.a Describe architectural and operational considerations for a programmable network

2.a (i) Data models and structures (YANG, JSON and XML)

2.a (ii) Device programmability (gRPC, NETCONF and RESTCONF)

2.a (iii) Controller based network design (policy driven configuration and northbound/ southbound APIs)

2.a (iv) Configuration management tools (agent and agent-less) and version control systems (Git and


Key takeaways: Network Programmability (SDN)

Network Programmability

Models and Structures (YANG, JSON, and XML)

Device Programmability (qRPC, NETCONF, and RESTCONF)

Policy-Driven configuration

Management Tools (Agent and Agentless)

Version Control Systems (Git and SVN)

Internet of Things (IoT)

Lesson 3: Internet of things (IoT)

3.0 Internet of things (IoT)

3.a Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)

3.a (i) IoT technology stack (IoT Network Hierarchy, data acquisition and flow)

3.a (ii) IoT standards and protocols (characteristics within IT and OT environment)

3.a (iii) IoT security (network segmentation, device profiling, and secure remote access)

3.a (iv) IoT edge and fog computing (data aggregation and edge intelligence)

Key takeaways: Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IOT)

Network Hierarchy and Data Acquisition and Flow

Characteristics Within IT and OT Environments

IoT Security (Network Segmentation, Device Profiling, and Secure Remote Access)

IoT Edge and Fog Computing (Data Aggregation and Edge Intelligence)

Exam Simulations

Quiz: Evolving Technologies V1.1

Evolving Technologies V1.1 Quiz


You can download sample study guide here.

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This course is for Network Engineers, System Admins, DevOps and Developers who would like to level up their skill set to Cisco CCIE or CCDE exams.
You will need to have basic know-how of computer networking and Cisco products, preferably Cisco CCNA or CCNP certifications.
You will be able to understand concepts of Cisco Evolving Technologies. Additionally, you also will be able to tackle corresponding subject matter in the Cisco CCIE and CCDE written exams.

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