CCIE Service Provider (400-201 V4.1) Written Exam Prep Bundle

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ccie sp 400-201 v4.1 written exam prep bundle

CCIE SP Written Exam Prep Bundle includes access to study guide (378 pages), and practice exams with free bi-weekly updates that include newer questions.

All of our practice exams are structured around Cisco official blueprint sections for CCIE Security track. Practice exams include quizzes based on blueprint sections or categories and several exam simulations that are modeled after real world tests.

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Core Routing

Lesson 1: Interior Gateway Protocol

1.1. Interior Gateway Protocol

  • 1.1.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IS-IS
  • 1.1.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot OSPFv2 and OSPFv3
  • 1.1.c. Describe and optimize IGP scale and performance

Lesson 2: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

1.2. Border Gateway Protocol

  • 1.2.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IBGP, EBGP, and MP-BGP
  • 1.2.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP route policy enforcement
  • 1.2.c. Describe BGP path attribute
  • 1.2.d. Describe and optimize BGP scale and performance
  • 1.2.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot advanced BGP features

Lesson 3: Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

1.3. Multiprotocol Label Switching

  • 1.3.a. Describe MPLS forwarding and control plane mechanisms
  • 1.3.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot LDP
  • 1.3.c. Describe and optimize LDP scale and performance

Lesson 4: MPLS Traffic Engineering

1.4. MPLS Traffic Engineering

  • 1.4.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot RSVP
  • 1.4.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot ISIS and OSPF extensions
  • 1.4.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MPLS TE policy enforcement
  • 1.4.d. Describe MPLS TE attributes
  • 1.4.e. Describe and optimize MPLS TE scale and performance
  • 1.4.f. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MPLS advanced features, for example: Segment Routing and MPLS-TE Inter-AS

Lesson 5: Multicast

1.5. Multicast

  • 1.5.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot PIM (PIM-SM, PIM-SSM, and PIM-BIDIR)
  • 1.5.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot RP (Auto-RP, BSR, Static, Anycast RP, and MSDP)
  • 1.5.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot mVPN
  • 1.5.d. Describe and optimize multicast scale and performance

Lesson 6: Quality of Service (QoS)

1.6. Quality of Service

  • 1.6.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot classification and marking
  • 1.6.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot congestion management and scheduling
  • 1.6.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot congestion avoidance
  • 1.6.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MPLS QoS models (Pipe, Short Pipe, and Uniform)
  • 1.6.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MPLS TE QoS (MAM, RDM, CBTS, PBTS, and DS-TE)

Key takeaways: Core Routing

Core Routing Key takeaways

Quiz: Core Routing

Core Routing Quiz

Service Provider Architecture and Services

Lesson 1: Service provider architecture concepts

2.1. Service provider architecture concepts

  • 2.1.a. Describe network architecture component and service provider network domains, for example: PE, P, CE, Metro Ethernet Core, Aggregation, RAN Backhaul, and eNodeB
  • 2.1.b. Describe Cisco IOS, Cisco IOS-XE, and Cisco IOS-XR software architecture components, for example: XR Kernel, System Manager, and Interprocess communication

Lesson 2: Virtualization concepts

2.2. Virtualization concepts

  • 2.2.a. Describe physical router virtualization, for example: SDR, Multiple-Logical-Routers, and Satellite Network Virtualization
  • 2.2.b. Describe Network Function Virtualization architecture concepts, for example: Service Function Chaining, ESP, EPN, and NFVI

Lesson 3: Carrier Ethernet

2.3. Carrier Ethernet

  • 2.3.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot E-LINE, for example: VPWS
  • 2.3.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot E-LAN and E-TREE, for example: VPLS and H-VPLS
  • 2.3.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot EVPN
  • 2.3.d. Describe IEEE 802.1ad (Q-in-Q), IEEE 802.1ah (Mac-in-Mac), and ITU G.8032 (REP)

Lesson 4: L3VPN

2.4. L3VPN

  • 2.4.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot L3VPN
  • 2.4.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot Inter-AS L3VPN
  • 2.4.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot multicast VPN
  • 2.4.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot unified MPLS and CSC
  • 2.4.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot shared services, for example: Extranet and Internet access

Lesson 5: Overlay VPN

2.5. Overlay VPN

  • 2.5.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot L2TPv3
  • 2.5.b. Describe LISP

Lesson 6: Internet Service

2.6. Internet service

  • 2.6.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IPv6 transition mechanism, for example: NAT44, NAT64, 6RD, MAP, and DS Lite
  • 2.6.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot Internet peering route and transit policy enforcement

Key takeaways: Service Provider Architecture and Services

Service Provider Architecture and Services Key takeaways

Quiz: Service Provider Architecture and Services

Service Provider Architecture and Services Quiz

Access and Aggregation

Lesson 1: Transport and encapsulation technologies

3.1. Transport and encapsulation technologies

  • 3.1.a. Describe transport technologies, for example: optical, xDSL, DOCSIS, TDM, and GPON
  • 3.1.b. Describe Ethernet technologies
  • 3.1.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot link aggregation techniques

Lesson 2: PE-CE connectivity

3.2. PE-CE connectivity

  • 3.2.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot PE-CE routing protocols, for example: static, OSPF, RIP, RIPng, EIGRP, ISIS, and BGP
  • 3.2.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot route redistribution
  • 3.2.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot route filtering
  • 3.2.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot loop prevention techniques in multihomed environments
  • 3.2.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot Multi-VRF CE

Lesson 3: Quality of Service

3.3. Quality of Service

  • 3.3.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot classification and marking
  • 3.3.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot congestion management and scheduling, for example: policing, shaping, and queuing
  • 3.3.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot congestion avoidance

Lesson 4: Multicast

3.4. Multicast

  • 3.4.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IGMP and MLD
  • 3.4.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot PIM
  • 3.4.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot RP
  • 3.4.d. Describe and optimize multicast scale and performance

Key takeaways: Access and Aggregation

Access and Aggregation Key takeaways

Quiz: Access and Aggregation

Access and Aggregation Quiz

High Availability and Fast Convergence

Lesson 1: System level HA

4.1. System level HA

  • 4.1.a. Describe Multichassis/clustering HA
  • 4.1.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot SS0/NSF, NSR, and GR
  • 4.1.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IGP-LDP Sync
  • 4.1.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot LDP Session Protection

Lesson 2: Layer 1/2/3 failure detection techniques

4.2. Layer 1/2/3 failure detection techniques

  • 4.2.a. Describe Layer 1 failure detection
  • 4.2.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot Layer 2 failure detection
  • 4.2.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot Layer 3 failure detection

Lesson 3: Routing/fast convergence

4.3. Routing/fast convergence

  • 4.3.a. Describe, implement, and optimize IGP convergence
  • 4.3.b. Describe, implement, and optimize BGP convergence
  • 4.3.c. Describe, implement, and optimize IP FRR and MPLS TE FRR

Key takeaways: High Availability and Fast Convergence

High Availability and Fast Convergence Key takeaways

Quiz: High Availability and Fast Convergence

High Availability and Fast Convergence Quiz

Service Provider Security Operation and Management

Lesson 1: Control plane security

5.1. Control plane security

  • 5.1.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot control plane protection techniques, for example: LPTS and CoPP
  • 5.1.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot routing protocol security, for example: BGP-TTL security and protocol authentication
  • 5.1.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP prefix suppression
  • 5.1.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot LDP security, for example: authentication and label allocation filtering
  • 5.1.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP prefix based filtering
  • 5.1.f. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGPsec

Lesson 2: Management plane security

5.2. Management plane security

  • 5.2.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot device management, for example: MPP, SSH, and VTY
  • 5.2.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot logging and SNMP security
  • 5.2.c. Describe backscatter Traceback

Lesson 3: Infrastructure security

5.3. Infrastructure security

  • 5.3.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot uRPF
  • 5.3.b. Describe Lawful-intercept
  • 5.3.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot iACL
  • 5.3.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot RTBH
  • 5.3.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot BGP Flowspec
  • 5.3.f. Describe DDoS mitigation techniques

Lesson 4: Timing and synchronization

5.4. Timing and synchronization

  • 5.4.a. Describe timing protocol, for example: NTP, 1588v2, and SyncE

Lesson 5: Network monitoring and troubleshooting

5.5. Network monitoring and troubleshooting

  • 5.5.a. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot syslog and logging functions
  • 5.5.b. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot SNMP traps, RMON, EEM, and EPC
  • 5.5.c. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot NetFlow and IPFIX
  • 5.5.d. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot IP SLA
  • 5.5.e. Describe, implement, and troubleshoot MPLS OAM and Ethernet OAM

Lesson 6: Network configuration and change management

5.6. Network configuration and change management

  • 5.6.a. Describe configuration change, implementation, and rollback

Key takeaways: Service Provider Security, Operation, and Management

Service Provider Security, Operation, and Management Key takeaways

Quiz: Service Provider Security, Operation, and Management

Service Provider Security, Operation, and Management Quiz

Evolving Technologies V1.1

Lesson 1: Cloud

1.0 Cloud

1.a Compare and contrast public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud design considerations

1.a (i) Infrastructure, platform, and software as a service (XaaS)

1.a (ii) Performance, scalability, and high availability

1.a (iii) Security implications, compliance, and policy

1.a (iv) Workload migration

1.b Describe cloud infrastructure and operations

1.b (i) Compute virtualization (containers and virtual machines)

1.b (ii) Connectivity (virtual switches, SD-WAN and SD-Access)

1.b (iii) Virtualization functions (NFVi, VNF, and L4/L1)

1.b (iv) Automation and orchestration tools (cloud center, DNA-center, and Kubernetes)

Lesson 2: Network Programmability (SDN)

2.0 Network programmability (SDN)

2.a Describe architectural and operational considerations for a programmable network

2.a (i) Data models and structures (YANG, JSON and XML)

2.a (ii) Device programmability (gRPC, NETCONF and RESTCONF)

2.a (iii) Controller based network design (policy driven configuration and northbound/ southbound APIs)

2.a (iv) Configuration management tools (agent and agent-less) and version control systems (Git and


Lesson 3: Internet of things (IoT)

3.0 Internet of things (IoT)

3.a Describe architectural framework and deployment considerations for Internet of Things (IoT)

3.a (i) IoT technology stack (IoT Network Hierarchy, data acquisition and flow)

3.a (ii) IoT standards and protocols (characteristics within IT and OT environment)

3.a (iii) IoT security (network segmentation, device profiling, and secure remote access)

3.a (iv) IoT edge and fog computing (data aggregation and edge intelligence)

Key takeaways: Evolving Technologies V1.1

Evolving Technologies V1.1 Key takeaways

Quiz: Evolving Technologies V1.1

Evolving Technologies V1.1 Quiz

Exam Simulations

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #1

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #1

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #2

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #2

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #3

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #3

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #4

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #4

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #5

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #5

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #6

Exam Simulation: CCIE Service Provider #6

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You will be able to understand concepts of Cisco Service Provider technologies. Additionally, you also will be able to tackle corresponding subject matter in the Cisco CCIE Service Provider 400-201 V4.1 written exam.

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